OMNI CT is a leader in conversion of waste to value.
Omnivorous for any type of feedstock.

OMNI200TM GPRSTM converts any solid energetic material into OmniSyngasTM, to produce clean green hydrogen, fuels, chemicals or electricity.

OMNI200TM GPRSTM combines in 200 tonnes per day shop assembled modules best-in-class thermal chemical conversion, syngas refining and cleaning and vitrification of inert material.

Need more capacity? Simply add more OMNI200s to your installation.

Any solid waste in. Clean Syngas out.

Complete Conversion of Waste to Value

Municipal solid waste


Black bag waste


Rice husks


Nuts shell and fruit peels

The OMNI200TM Gasification & Plasma Refining System (GPRSTM) takes any solid energetic waste as delivered.

OmniRockTM/ Recovered Water / Recovered Heat


Ultra clean, consistent and tar free.
Gas composition is tailored to end use.

OmniSyngasTM for:




Synthetic Natural Gas


OmniRockTM for: Abrasives and other uses

Negative CO2 Footprint

Total Carbon Footprint is negative when converting biomass or municipal solid waste to OmniSyngasTM

Proven at
Commercial Scale

OMNI200TM GPRSTM 2012-2014 at Plasco Trail Road facility,
Ottawa, Canada.

See the OMNI200TM GPRSTM in operation

OMNI200TM unsorted
Municipal Solid Waste


OmniSyngasTM to
GE Jenbacher IC engines

Latest News

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