Our Solution: The Omni200

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Rather than send more garbage and non-recyclable waste to landfill, what if we could harness the energy in that waste for another purpose? We offer a way to do that with our omnivorous waste conversion system that transforms trash into valuable clean fuels.

The Omni200 is the leading waste-to-clean fuels conversion system. This patented technology takes in feedstock, passes it through a thermo-chemical process and refines it into synthetic gases. After partical oxidation, polishing with plasma breaks the bonds of molecules to generate a tar-free syngas. The heat from this process returns to the gasification stage which eliminates the need for emissions (stack) and residuals.

A pile of coffee cups and paper bags
A collection of water molecules set on a blue background.
A pile of coffee cups and paper bags

What Goes In?

Feedstock can range from curbside waste, woodchips, industrial waste to paper, non-recyclable plastics or food waste. Inputs can be as large as 10 cm (4 inches), with limited sorting (to remove metals) and no need for shredding. Air heated to 600°C is recovered from the process. This can be used to dry waste with up to 56% moisture without having to burn external fuel, or can be used to make steam or supply downstream processes.

A collection of water molecules set on a blue background.

What Comes Out?

The energetic synthetic gas (OmniSyngas) from garbage can be used to produce many clean fuels including: hydrogen, methanol, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, renewable natural gas or a variety of circular chemicals. Metals, glass and plastics can be reclaimed for recycling and ash is vitrified into OmniRock, an aggregate that can be used for construction, cement, abrasive, and other beneficial uses. Heavy metals in the garbage are permanently trapped in the non-leaching OmniRock.

How will our solutions work for you?

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Think outside the landfill

Maybe your recycling program still sends too much to the dump. Maybe garbage is fast becoming your municipality’s biggest problem. With OMNI, you can turn an overabundance of garbage into a valuable resource.

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You are creating a clean energy future 

You need an affordable building block to develop a circular economy. Hydrogen (H2) is an abundant and efficient clean energy source with nearly three times the energy density as diesel. Renewable natural gas (RNG), compared to conventional natural gas, can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Both can be easily be created thanks to OMNI.

How does OMNI’s solution stand out?

  • Our clean fuel is made from household garbage, plastics, building materials, food waste and much more. It is clean and safe to produce while preventing harmful methane emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Garbage can be converted into chemicals for manufacturing processes, fuel for internal combustion engines and steam turbines, renewable natural gas, hydrogen or sustainable aviation fuel.
  • The Omni200 removes tars, sulfur, and other compounds from our synthetic fuels to keep catalytic reactors in industrial processes running.

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