If you’re a municipality or other organization responsible for the collection and management of waste, you know the challenges of managing waste in the 21st century. When the landfill is nearing capacity or no longer an option, you’re left with unusable garbage that OMNI can turn into valuable clean fuels. The Omni200 is a waste diversion and circular economy solution that can be part of any municipal, provincial and national waste and greenhouse gas reduction strategy.

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Examples of organizations that can use our Omni200 solution

  • A renovation company has had its construction and demolition debris turned away from the local landfill for lack of capacity.
  • An automotive recycler shreds cars and trucks for scrap metal but there are always leftover plastics, cloth, and composites that just can’t be reused.
  • A municipality needs to modernize their waste management program considering landfill capacities, concerns around methane emissions and leachate entering the water table.
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How does the Omni200 work?

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Raw materials like plastics, black bag garbage and municipal solid waste are fed into the Omni200.

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After partial oxidation and polishing with plasma to break the bonds of molecules, a tar-free syngas—OmniSyngas—is produced.

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OmniSyngas is then used to produce a variety of clean fuels, ranging from hydrogen, renewable natural gas and biofuels to methane and circular chemicals.

One Person’s Trash is OMNI’s Treasure

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