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A Team committed to changing the world.

Founded in 2005, OMNI is a high-tech Canadian company that operates globally, with active projects around the world. We offer an innovative, scalable and proven waste-to-clean-fuel solution that supports a circular economy.

  • Unlike incineration, our process doesn’t produce harmful emissions or byproducts. It’s garbage in, clean fuels out.
  • We bypass barriers to waste-reduction programs that can take years to implement. Our Omni200 solution will divert any feedstock into negative carbon intensity clean fuels.
  • We close the loop of the circular economy. We connect waste management and clean fuel production using ground-breaking solutions.

Nothing is wasted.

Our vision

A circular economy where waste becomes a reusable resource contributing to a cleaner planet.

Our mission

To enable a world without landfills where garbage becomes clean fuel for circular economies.

Message from the CEO

Headshot of Jonathan Lundy

Jonathan Lundy, BA, JD

At OMNI, we envision a world where garbage is not wasted or polluting, but used to generate clean fuels that allow communities to become circular while reducing their carbon footprint. I’m proud to be part of an innovative and talented team of professionals who share my vision of a greener tomorrow. Get to know OMNI and you will find a company that is dedicated to working with municipalities, project developers and clean fuel producers looking to change the world.

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