Demand for clean fuels like hydrogen and RNG is growing. Whether you need a cost-effective source of clean fuels for your own use or you are a company that produces and sells clean fuel, OMNI’s innovative solution can meet your clean fuel needs and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Examples of OMNI clean fuel solutions

  • An aviation company is looking for a cost-effective and reliable source of sustainable aviation fuel while fulfilling their commitment to the circular economy.
  • A municipality with a fleet of hydrogen-fueled buses needs an affordable source of hydrogen.
  • A clean fuel producer wants to take advantage of government incentives to produce clean fuels with a negative carbon intensity score.
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How does the Omni200 work?

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Raw materials like plastics, black bag garbage and municipal solid waste are fed into the Omni200.

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After partial oxidation and polishing with plasma to break the bonds of molecules, a tar-free syngas—OmniSyngas—is produced.

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OmniSyngas is then used to produce a variety of clean fuels, ranging from hydrogen, renewable natural gas and biofuels to methane and circular chemicals.

Types of Clean Fuels

The Omni200 solution can be configured to generate the following clean fuels:

  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Methanol
  • Sustainable Aircraft Fuel
  • And more!
A collection of water molecules set on a blue background.

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