OMNI to Support Zaragoza, Spain in Becoming the First “Zero Waste” City

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OMNI to Supply its Omni200 plant for the “Zaragoza Zero Residues” Project

OTTAWA, ON, March 23, 2023 – OMNI Conversion Technologies Inc. (OMNI) today announced it will supply its Omni200 plant to enable the city of Zaragoza, Spain to achieve its vision of becoming the first “Zero Waste” city in the world. OMNI’s technology would enable the city of Zaragoza to recover non-recyclable waste destined for landfills to be utilized to produce methanol and clean hydrogen.

On March 22, 2023, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for OMNI, Jordi Gallego, joined Zaragoza’s Regional Minister for Public Services and Mobility, Natalia Chueca, to discuss the project at a press conference held in Zaragoza, Spain.

The Omni200 plant, which during the first phase of the project is anticipated to commence operation in  2026, will convert non-recyclable waste into clean syngas, which will be used to produce approximately 66,000 tonnes of methanol per year, avoiding approximately 100,000 tonnes of CO2eq per year.

“We applaud the city of Zaragoza for executing on their vision of becoming a zero-waste city and a world leader in the circular economy,” said Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for OMNI, Jordi Gallego. “OMNI is pleased to provide our innovative technology to enable Zaragoza to achieve its vision and goal of net zero emissions by 2030.”

The official Zaragoza announcement which was issued on March 22, 2023 can be found on their website here and on their YouTube channel here.

About The Omni200

The Omni200 is a thermal chemical conversion system which has been proven at industrial scale. It is a complete integrated system, delivered in large modules, rather than stick-built at site. It receives and converts at a rate of 200 tonnes per day (67,000 tonnes per year) a wide variety and mix of minimally prepared energetic wastes into clean consistent syngas with a predictable heating value and composition. The H2/CO ratio and other parameters can be tailored to a variety of applications. Multiple units can be readily combined for larger plants.



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OMNI Conversion Technologies Inc. (OMNI) is a Canadian company that has developed proprietary technology to convert solid energetic material into OmniSyngas which can be used to produce low carbon clean fuels, including hydrogen, renewable liquid fuels and renewable natural gas for the circular economy. OMNI’s robust and efficient Omni200 provides unique solutions to manage waste, produce clean fuels at scale, and help industry and governments achieve decarbonization goals. The patented process was successfully demonstrated at the company’s demonstration plant from 2007-2014. Learn more about us at and follow us on LinkedIn at:

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