OMNI Congratulates H Cycle for Receiving Article 2 Determination from CalRecycle

-OMNI to supply its Omni200 Thermal Chemical Conversion System for the Project-

OTTAWA, ON, January 19, 2024 – OMNI Conversion Technologies Inc. (OMNI) congratulates its partner, H Cycle, on receiving Article 2 Determination from CalRecycle for application of its waste-to-hydrogen process in California, which will include OMNI’s waste-to-clean fuels thermal chemical conversion system.

OMNI’s patented non-combustion thermal conversion technology will allow H Cycle to convert the molecules in waste, which would otherwise generate greenhouse gases in a landfill, to green hydrogen in order to fuel emission-free medium/heavy-duty truck fleets, thereby further reducing emissions.

Per the CalRecycle website, the “Article 2 process allows CalRecycle to evaluate and determine whether the permanent lifecycle emissions of an operation or technology that is not expressly identified in 14 CCR Section 18983.1 constitutes disposal or a reduction in landfill disposal under SB 1383.” This determination confirms that OMNI’s technology, proposed by H Cycle, joins composting and anaerobic digestion as verified methods of reducing the harmful methane emissions associated with landfilling waste.

OMNI previously announced the sale of its first Omni200 waste-to-clean fuels product to the Larsen-Lam Climate Initiative, an investor for H Cycle’s proposed project in Pittsburg, CA. Since that time, OMNI and H Cycle have been working together to advance the project with front-end engineering activities.

“This determination by CalRecycle recognizes the beneficial and compounding effect our technology has on reducing harmful emissions in order to achieve net zero,” said Chief Executive Officer of OMNI, Jon Lundy. “Not only will H Cycle reduce GHG emissions through the conversion of waste to hydrogen, but it will also reduce truck fleet emissions by enabling the production of clean fuel. We are excited to support our partner, H Cycle, in helping to meet California’s climate change goals, and congratulate them on achieving this milestone.”

 About The Omni200

The Omni200 is a thermal chemical conversion system which has been proven at industrial scale. It is a complete integrated system, delivered in large modules, rather than stick-built at site. It receives and converts at a rate of 200 tonnes per day (70,000 tonnes per year) a wide variety and mix of minimally prepared energetic wastes into clean consistent syngas with a predictable heating value and composition. The H2/CO ratio and other parameters can be tailored to a variety of applications. Multiple units can be readily combined for larger plants.