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What the Experts are Saying About OMNI

Headshot of Daniel M. Kammen

“OMNI CT is poised to facilitate the mass changes required to tackle the climate crisis.”

Dr. Daniel M. Kammen

Professor of Energy at Berkeley

Headshot of Michael Harrelson

“The Omni200 system is making instantly impactful, profitable, and environmentally sound circular supply chains a reality for the energy and chemicals industries.”

Michael Harrelson

COO, Circular SynTech

Headshot of Chris Larsen

“OMNI CT has created a first-of-its-kind product that can have a global and immediate impact.”

Chris Larsen

Founder, Larsen Lam Climate Change Foundation

“OMNI GPRS technology is mature and ready for commercial application.”

Source: OMNI Technology Review Report (2021)

“TRL (Technology Readiness Level) for the entire plant meets level 8 or 91.”

1. TRL 8 denotes technology completed and qualified through test and demonstration; TRL 9 denotes technology in commercial use.

Source: Omni200 Technology Readiness Level Assessment (2017)