OMNI CT at Global Syngas Technology Council conference

OMNI CT is a

Gold Sponsor

at this years conference October 11-12, 2021 San Antonio Texas

OMNI CT will have a booth and will be presenting at the GSTC conference held this October 11-12 in San Antonio, Texas. Our very own Chris Mamen along with with Delome Fair of KP Engineering will present on Monday morning A New Approach to Green Hydrogen.

The conference presentation will describe the GPRS™ technology, as well as the downstream WGS, acid gas removal, and separation of hydrogen, CO2, and sulfur. The authors will also describe a hybrid approach, that of combining the OMNI200™ GPRS™ unit with electrolysis. In this scheme, oxygen from electrolysis is used directly in the OMNI200™ GPRS™, and waste heat from the OMNI200™ GPRS™ increases the efficiency of the electrolyser. The hybrid system combines the best of both alternatives for a flexible, low-cost solution that can provide baseload hydrogen from the GPRS™ and peaking operation from the electrolyser, with significantly better economics than the electrolyser alone.
Use of waste diverted from landfills results in an even lower CO2 footprint than electrolysis due to avoidance of methane, even if some of that waste contains plastic, because of the 25x multiplier of methane vs. CO2. Even more reduction is possible with sequestration, easily done since the CO2 is delivered from the unit in a concentrated stream.

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