The OMNI200TM is a patented technology comprised of a:

  1. proprietary feeder air lock
  2. horizontal moving grate gasifier
  3. vertical fixed bed updraft gasifier
  4. solids material recovery vessel
  5. syngas plasma refining chamber
  6. gas cooling and conditioning to end use

Proven control system for omnivorous operation

Modular Unit Design

67,000 TPY per

The OMNI200TM Gasification and Plasma Refining System (GPRSTM)

  1. The horizontal moving grate gasifier receives omnivorous waste and releases all volatile gases.
  2. The carbon recovery vessel, a vertical fixed bed updraft gasifier, receives char and releases all fixed carbon.
  3. The combined syngas is subjected to plasma catalysis breaking the bonds of long chain molecular structures.
  4. Heat from the plasma is recovered to drive the gasification process.

What feedstock can it process?

The OMNI200TM processes a wide variety of feedstock
with minimal preparation:

  • Requires only shredding to 100mm or less, with no further sorting or sizing.
  • Metals, glass and plastics can be reclaimed for recycling.
  • 650°C hot air is recovered from the process and can dry wet waste as high as 60% moisture with no external fuel to improve process economics.
  • Moisture content of the feedstock into the horizontal grate gasifier can range from 10% wt. to 42% wt. (optimized at 15% to 20%).

Municipal solid waste


Black bag waste


Rice husks


Nuts shell and fruit peels

What are the outputs?

OMNI200TM has three outputs:




OMNI200TM produces:

No emissions to atmosphere

No discharge to landfill

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